Wednesday, April 19, 2017

Meet Wisdom

Laura and Wisdom
Meet Wisdom, the firstborn babe of our farm. She has little wattles on the sides of her neck, a first for our goatherd; they must have come from the daddy's side of the family. Sophia came up with the name, it was one I hadn't even considered but it was so in my face, well, yah, duh, that's it!!! It is the perfect name. Sophia's name means wisdom in Greek, which she thinks is really neat in and of itself, but my business name actually starts with the word Wisdom too because of my daughter Sophia and the lessons life brought through her. The irony / pun of the goat's name is that she was born on April Fool's Day, after being a week overdue. It also fits very well because her mother's name is Willow, and I was unsure how I was going to trace family lines in the herd, but one way of doing it is to name the daughter with the same initial letter as the mother. Her registered name will also include her sire's name, which was Friday (he is actually deceased, but many straws of his semen still live on), even though Wisdom was born on Saturday.

Wisdom was conceived through the use of artificial insemination, along with a hormone protocol, which turned out to be useful to get her mom to ovulate. Willow had been cystic, with a follicular cyst, so she was coming into heat more often than she should, but not ovulating. This protocol used to sync her and another goat was beneficial to them both, for I believe the other goat had a luteal cyst, as she was not coming into heat at all, which can be caused by a luteal cyst making her body think she is pregnant. Both of these conditions are not supposed to be common in dairy goats, but were recognizable from many years of working on (cow) dairy farms.

One of the "hormones" used in the protocol is actually a prostaglandin, which is a class of lipids that are physiologically active throughout the body and have hormone-like effects. These lipids have 20 carbon atoms including a five carbon ring and are derived from various fatty acids as they travel through a series of enzymatic reactions. They end up causing either good or bad effects in the body, depending on what kind of tissue, metabolic pathway, and receptor site are involved. For example, this one I used causes the corpus luteum in the ovary to regress, which tells the animal she is not pregnant and she should produce and cycle more eggs to ovulate. So, Willow became pregnant from these amazing little guys that I look at under my microscope at breeding time, and at the end of the five month pregnancy, her own body produced the same prostaglandin, PGF2a (alpha) to regress the then-present corpus luteum and bring on labor and birth, which is aided by another prostaglandin involved in uterine contractions, PGE2.  Another example is the prostaglandins that have to do with causing and regulating inflammation; some of the anti-inflammatory medications out there are those that get in the way of and block the metabolic pathways that produce the inflammatory prostaglandins.

"The wisdom of the prudent is to discern his way, but the folly of fools is deceiving." Proverbs 14:8

This shall be Wisdom's verse. We are at a time in our lives where we are discerning our way forward in life, picking the path that shall lead to ever more abundance and life.

Sophia's verse when she was born was: "But wisdom is justified of all her children." Luke 7:35

Check out this amazing sermon written by Charles Finney in 1842 about Sophie's verse. It seems to relate very much to the name of my business, Wisdom Resonates LLC. I shall study it and expound on the business name in my next post.

May you become ever more wise as you make your way through this life.

Wisdom & Blessings,

Wednesday, March 29, 2017

Farm Fresh Eggs

Sophia has sorted these into a gradient of color, so very awesome!!
Aren't these beautiful eggs? Last summer we raised a variety of heritage breeds that lay the brown eggs, but we think it's fun to also have the Americaunas that lay the blue/green shades of egg. The children can't wait to dye these cool eggs for Easter too. We have been aging some from January so that they will be easy to peel once we hard-boil them. It's best to age eggs (yes, in the refrigerator) that come from the nest boxes already very clean, that way it is not necessary to wash the chicken's natural protective coating off of them, and they can just be thrown later, well not literally, into the pot for boiling.

Eggs are an amazing food that have really come back from the bad rap they had years ago. The yolks are rich in beneficial omega-3 fatty acids, especially if fed a diet high in flaxseed. DHA is the omega-3 that has become popularized in baby nutrition, as it feeds a growing brain so very well. EPA is another omega-3 that is anti-inflammatory and helps balance out other fats we eat that are more inflammatory. Eggs are rich in protein, fat, and vitamin D, and are great for dogs too. Our dog Buster (Siberian Husky/Chocolate Lab) was enjoying all the raw eggs that froze on the colder days, and right up until he passed at age 14, his hair coat was beautifully rich and he was not lacking in health or nutrition. Even his arthritis was barely noticeable, and he was very fit, keeping up well with the children, who had him pulling sleds and running around our 6 acres, much to his joyful satisfaction.

Conventionally fed layer rations, based mainly on corn products, produce an egg that has roughly 50 mg of omega-3. A ration I found at Tractor Supply claimed that exclusive feeding of this ration would produce eggs with 250 mg omega-3 in each! A good amount to supply in the human diet is around 1000 mg per day, so four eggs a day would deliver that without any supplemental fish oils. I haven't done the math though to find out which way is more economically sound. Sometimes it's easier to pop a couple fish capsules than to eat eggs every morning. We've been taking a little hiatus from the usual scrambled/fried eggs every morning and letting the kids enjoy a little cereal and milk for a change. We are looking forward to getting our fresh goat milk back soon too. Willow is due at this time, as we are patiently waiting, and excited to have little goat babies too. More kids!!!

It has been interesting to find a couple of these different chicken feeds on the shelves now that contain flaxseed in the formula and make research claims for how much more omega-3 fats end up in the eggs. When I was a senior at the University of Wisconsin-River Falls, 19 years ago, my huge capstone research review had been on how supplementing farm animal diets with omega-3s would increase the amount in the resulting meat and eggs. There was study after study that I found while browsing through the research journals on the library shelves. I loved reading all the technical information and gleaning the details of how the different fats, hormones, and prostaglandins are metabolized in the body. That passion has stayed with me through all these years of raising children and farming, and developing other careers and businesses, and finally I have come back to it, as I delve into my next stage of career and personal development and growth.

My husband's brown-butter eggs. Yes, I know the browned butter is bad for you.....but it tastes oh, so good!!!!!

Wednesday, February 22, 2017

My Long Awaited Return to Jojoba Oil

My session room at Hair Associates II in Marion, WI.
After many years of using massage oils that have stained my sheets, I have finally made true my plan to get back to jojoba oil, exclusively. I had gotten away from it when there was a poor crop world wide and the prices spiked, but they have come back down. And, I have finally splurged also on new sheets that are one uniform color for my session room. Yes, they are a little crunchy yet and need more laundering to get softened, but I wanted to get back to cotton sheets, as I like how they work better for massage draping than the thin microfiber sheets.

The benefits of jojoba are multiple. Besides not staining, it offers many great benefits for the skin. It is not an actual oil, but a wax, and its properties are very similar to that of our sebum, our natural skin oil. It absorbs readily into skin without clogging pores, thereby making it an ideal carrier oil for aromatherapy purposes, helping the aromatic oils to get absorbed. 

The company I purchase from is The Jojoba Company, aka HobaCare. They are so focused on sourcing their own jojoba that their price is one of the most reasonable around. There is a lot of wonderful information on their site. I now carry their 125 ml (>4 ozs) bottles for sale, and am also offering 1 oz bottles as free samples to my clients and customers. 

Wisdom & Blessings,

Thursday, February 9, 2017

So it has finally come to me!!! My purpose and motivation for blogging.....I've always wanted to write about something and express my thoughts creatively.......

I have been going through a creative streak, coming up with my newest product, and I realize that (almost) everything I do, want to do, and am passionate about has to do with fats!!!

So as the creative juices were flowing, it suddenly came to me!!! LIPID LOVER, FATS CONNOISSEUR. That is me. Well almost all of me. I do love my family, learning, and languages, so there will be a fair amount of discussion about that as well. So to start with let's look at connoisseur.

Definition of the Day: CONNOISSEUR from

1  :  expert; especially :  one who understands the details, technique, or principles of an art and is competent to act as a critical judge <a connoisseur of music>
2  :  one who enjoys with discrimination and appreciation of subtleties <a connoisseur of fine wines>

I am certainly not the expert that Mary Enig is, an authority on the subject, the author of Know Your Fats, but I certainly have a passion to continue learning about lipids because they are so fascinating, ubiquitous, and useful!!!

What I am lipidly passionate about is massage & wellness, soap-making, and goats!!! all began in my senior year of college, when as an agricultural major I researched my senior capstone project about omega-3 fatty acids and how to increase those beneficial fats in eggs and meat by feeding the farm animals with omega-3 rich feed.........